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5 Beautiful Movie Destinations To Visit

The Honey Moon suite in Breaking Dawn

The NBC Today show recently did a travel segment entitled “Movie Set Getaways.”  On this travel segment, Today show host Al Roker interviewed Nilou Motamed, the Features Editor for Travel and Leisure Magazine.  Nilou highlighted travel venues for some top box-office movies both past and present including the “Hunger Games”, “Love Letter to Paris” and the honeymoon venue featured in “Twilight-Breaking Dawn.” After watching this short segment, which I’ve shared with you all by link above, I decided to present my own 5 Beautiful Movie Destinations to Visit.  This was an extremely difficult post to write since there are so many beautiful movie destinations that are attached to so many great movies.  I’ve narrowed it down to the following five movie destinations. Each location was chosen based on its memorability, emotions they evoked within and breathtaking beauty.

Pirates of the Caribbean #1 – Curse of the Black Pearl Movie Set: St. Vincent and the Grenadine Islands is part of the Lesser Antilles and just off the coast of St. Lucia and Barbados where the Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans meet.  Inhabitants of this historic island date back well before the 15th century.  Its mountainous terrain, azure blue water and white sand beaches makes this pristine island destination a true jewel of the Caribbean.

The Thomas Crown Affair is a 1999 film starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo.  One of the movie’s scenes was filmed on the exotic island of Martinique.  The island was featured as a remote getaway for a rich playboy that embarked upon rare art heists to pass the time away.   Martinique is a lush, mountainous, french speaking island in the Caribbean, French Antilles which is positioned in the Eastern Caribbean sea.

The featured image for this post is from Rio de Janeiro which was the set of the honeymoon scene for Bella and Edward in the “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” movie. This South American country in Brasil on the coast of the Atlantic ocean is home to many of the world’s best beaches, carnivale, the samba and dental-floss style bathing suits.  The iconic, towering statue of “Cristo Redentor” has made many cameo appearances over the years. The behemoth statue sits atop Corcovado mountain and ranks number three on the list of the seven wonders of the world.

Malibu beach homes have been the back drop to television shows and movies alike.  On television, the most notable Malibu beach home is on the set of “Two and a Half Men.”

According to Ann Brenoff, writer for, not only did the first “Sex and the City” movie feature a Malibu style beach home as Carrie Bradshaw’s ill-fated honeymoon getaway in Mexico, the producers also used a Malibu beach home for fictional characters Samantha Jones’ and Smith Jerrod’s fabulous west coast love grotto.
The last film location, but not least, is from the fictional movie entitled “Hereafter” which stars Matt Damon and Cecile de France.  The beauty of the resorts and beaches in Thailand are world-renowned.  The setting of this haunting, supernatural love story opens in Phuket, Thailand.  This Clint Eastwood production is centered around the 2004 tsunami disaster in Phuket.  The opening scenes of the movie are shockingly realistic and, the natural beauty of Thailand is hard to ignore.

Well, these are my picks and I’m sure you have yours too.   I invite you to share your top movie destinations with me so that I may feature them on the next segment of Beautiful Movie Destinations to Visit. Please be sure to add anything that I’ve missed.  Until next time.  Ciao!

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